Saturday, 24 October 2009

Momiji kimono

Took a few pictures today in the wet, but my maple tree is so pretty right now. The two maples in my back garden are going to be moved to my front garden as soon as they go dormant. I had a heck of a time tying my obi today. Grrr... bad kitsuke day! LOL! Hope you like it anyways.


  1. Lovely leaves! Acer palmatum ?
    For having few accessories , you sure put them to good use. Great pics. Nice ensemble.
    Love the maple leaf kanzashi.
    According to this article , there are kanzashis for each month ?

  2. Yes, maiko have different kanzashi for each month. October is actually kiku or chrysanthemum. November is momiji or maple leaf.
    I love Acers. I'm not sure which one you see in the background, but my other acer is an Osakazuki. Unfortunately when I bought the other one it wasn't marked.

  3. I cannot tell from the picture . It's not a dissectum , judging from the leaves.
    There are more than 400 cultivars of Palmatum
    and you'd need to know the colours of the shoots, young leaves and autumn leaves etc.. to find out.
    Here's a nice site to browse through on a
    rainy evening.
    I already checked there's no Acer Palmatum Shigatsuhana .