Sunday, 18 October 2009

Kimono accessories

Hong didn't believe that I only have 10 obiage. I do! And that's with the two I got from her yesterday! And I only have 16 obijime. I can see a real weakness in my collection when I do this. So instead of buying pretty kimono and obi, I must focus on getting more accessories.


  1. That's what I'm TRYING to do now haha - buy the accessories! Of course, I always end up with more kimono somehow....

  2. I just need to be better disciplined. LOL! No kimono for me in 2010. Although, I wouldn't rule out an obi. ;)

  3. I have more kimono than I have obi, so I'm also trying to get more obi haha ;)

  4. Wow , so few ?! I have more neckties than you have obijime , lol!
    What are you : a kimono-minimalist ?
    Accessorize already !

    No kimono in 2010 ?

    And then you just skim through the Internet and there it is : that once-in-a-lifetime-it's sooo totally me(ohlookit'smysize)-
    dream kimono to DIE FOR comes along that has April written all over it.
    This isn't a mere coincidence, this is FATE.
    That kimono was MEANT to be found by you.
    This is your DESTINY!

    I'll pray for you to be strong, April. You'll need it. ;)