Sunday, 27 September 2009

Japan Matsuri in London 19th September

Our kimono club met up to attend the Japan Matsuri in London on the 19th September. We had a great day out, but there were so many people! Any excuse to get our kimono out of the closet and we're there! :) Enjoy!


  1. Found you!
    Hi, Shi. ( Can I use your real first name here ? )
    It's good to see you all again (since Richmond) and in such stunning outfits too.
    I love them !
    I have pictures of the Japan festival at Richmond here in my post
    I still have the complete lot of CANON RAWs and fullsize jpegs available for Chantal or any of you if you want them. (there's more pics than you see in the post). You can contact me with the email form on my blog.

  2. Yes, of course you can use my real name. Most people know who I am anyways! :)